Why stress relief is so difficult?!

Why stress relief is so difficult?!

Have you ever experienced being unable to relax? Even when you are free, something keeps you under pressure. You are not alone in having that problem. Let’s find out how to relieve stress and relax.

Why is it so difficult to relax?

modern office photo Here are some reasons why you probably feel stressed.

  1. A lot of bloggers talk about productivity and super-achievements. Because of a strong media influence taking a rest is considered to be a weakness. Here is why you may feel guilty for having a rest.

  2. While having an important task, all your thoughts may be concerned about it. When you think of this goal all the time, you simply forget about everything else. As a result, when you are trying to relax, a small part of your brain is still thinking of this work.

  3. Some tasks that you have to complete are forgotten. It happens when you try to remember everything to be done. For example, it happens when you have a lot of homework for different subjects. If you keep all of it in mind, you are likely to think of one problem twice or more. As a consequence, the feeling of inner unrest and agitation appears. Most of the time, your mind is not sure that necessary tasks are completed.

Ways of overcoming the problem

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  1. Start planning. Make a short everyday schedule of important tasks. You can even mark how much time do you want to spend on every goal. Planning helps to manage all the work. After completing all the tasks, you see that you are not busy for sure.

  2. Write down your achievements during the day. That will help you to feel proud of yourself. And do winners have a right to relax, don’t they?

  3. Make yourself a day off from social media. Try not to check your Instagram and Twitter for at least 12 hours. It will let your brain have a rest

  4. Find different places for work and rest. Some people are used to work in their beds. As a result, you don’t associate your bed with sleep and relaxation. Choose another workplace even if it is warm and cozy in your bedroom.

  5. Create an atmosphere. Think of what makes you feel safe and calm. Is it lo-fi music or hot chocolate? Maybe you will enjoy forest walks or sitting in a small cafe. If you are relaxing at home, make the lights less bright than usual and add a nice scent. For example, lavender and cinnamon will fit perfectly. Shavasana will help you to find a suitable relaxing sound. How about ocean waves or old vinyl?

Remember that your conception of relaxation can be totally different. It is absolutely OK, just think about your wishes more. And have a nice stressless day!

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