Some tips for meditation beginners

Some tips for meditation beginners

So, you’ve decided to start meditating. It is a great step already! Here you will find some advice on how to make your meditation more productive and qualified.

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Understand your purpose

As you may know, meditation is much more than just sitting in a lotus position with eyes closed. It is OK to start with thoughts like “Why not to try”. But in the future it will be useless without consciousness.

Ask yourself, what do you start it for? There are different methods for different purposes. Some people start practicing meditation for stress relief, others are coping with anxiety and so on. Think of goals that you are expecting to achieve. What your life lacks that can be reached with meditation.

Here are some ideas and conceptions:

  • coping with anxiety;
  • improving concentration;
  • training your mind and understanding your thoughts
  • etc. Think of your own wishes!

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Find a suitable technique

As you find all the different purposes, you find a huge variety of methods. Every meditation technique is different from other ones and unique.

While searching for the right one think of your abilities. Of course, it is difficult for beginners to endure a long practice. Meditation at the start takes a lot of work, so it is better to start with short practices.

Also, it is easier to choose if you understand the purpose. While searching you will find various programs for stress, insomnia, focus improving, etc… Just tap on the most suitable one.

There are two main techniques They are named fixed and analytical. Fixed is also called one-pointed meditation or mindfulness practice. Its idea is in training your concentration. You are trying to direct your attention on the only one thing. And it is much more difficult than it seems to be!

One-pointed technique improves your concentrating skills which is helpful for the working process. Also it may help in finding the right decision!

Take a look at guided meditation In this technique, you are following your mentor's instructions. It is an audio file with voice and different sounds. Usually, it includes working with your imagination. Guided meditation offers you a situation to feel it like living in it. For example, a calmful walk near the coastline. This kind may include the sound of waves and wind. The guide can say something like “Imagine that you are sinking your feet in the water. Feel its warmth and softness”.

Guided meditation is a nice choice for beginners. It catches your attention, so you don’t feel bored and don’t lose concentration.

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Get ready for some difficulties

Firstly your brain won’t understand new actions named non-action. It seems easy just to sit and do nothing. It is more than that. It is even thinking of nothing, which is almost impossible for an unskilled person.

Sometimes you will lose focus and it is OK! Sometimes it is too difficult to hold your attention only on breathing. But while meditating you are building and training your mind and the progress can never be a straight line. There are ups and downs which is absolutely normal.

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Build the atmosphere

The nice background makes it easier to start. Light up a candle with a calming scent: it can be cedar, rose, pine, or anything else. The temperature shouldn't be either too hot or too cold. Check your clothes. There are no rules, but it should be comfortable, like your favorite pajamas or hoodie. Also, remember that all the atmosphere shouldn’t make you sleep. In that case, you will be too relaxed.

Get a nice background sound

Firstly close the window not to let the street sound grab your attention. And don’t forget about the background sound! Some find it easier to meditate in silence, but at the start it is not that easy. In Shavasana you can find more than 100 sounds of nature and build your own playlist.

Start meditation with Shavasana App and understand your mind!

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