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Your daily companion for meditations, yoga, relax and better sleep.

We have collected for you unique sounds and melodies that are not available in the public domain, which can tune in and completely immerse yourself in meditation, do yoga or other sports, and will also become an indispensable assistant to improve the quality of your sleep.
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Shavasana — a life-changing meditation app

Live Better

Live Better

Relax your body and mind with custom meditations, nature and sleep music.
Sleep Better

Sleep Better

Using sleep sounds every day will help you sleep better in as little as a week.
Stay Productive

Stay Productive

The sounds of meditation and nature are ideal for focusing on a work or any other tasks.

The extensive amount of sounds and melodies

We provide an extensive number of sounds, melodies, and music tracks with convenient intuitive navigation. Content is conveniently grouped by direction (meditation, nature and sleep sounds, breathing, and others) and is also will personalized for each user, depending on his preferences and previous auditions (soon).
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Simple and clear interface, but powerful features

We have developed the most simple and intuitive interface that will help you find sounds for any occasion, whether it be meditation, yoga, breathing, or just getting ready for bed.
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Meditations, Narure Sounds, Sleep Music, and so much more

A huge collection of meditative melodies and sounds that will help you daily to deal with stress, meditation, yoga, sports and improving sleep. A weekly addition of sounds will diversify your daily practice or training.
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Spend yourself just 5 minutes a day

Instill a daily ritual for emotional calm, peace, and improved quality of life, no matter how busy you are. If you are a beginner, start with short tracks of 5 minutes and gradually increase the length of your meditation.
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Sleep is the key to a happy life

The quality of your sleep has an impact on practically every part of your life. So why not make it easier for yourself to sleep better? For a restful and healthy night's sleep, try any of our bedtime meditations.
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Boost your productivity with meditation

Just 5-10 minutes of meditation every morning can help you regain concentration and tranquility. After a few days of practice, you will feel more focused and productive throughout the day. Get Started Today!